Real Estate Internship

(4-6 weeks)

Interested in learning more about real estate? Ready to take a step in the 100 billion dollars industry that impacts every aspect of our daily lives. GREAT! We're excited to show you what it takes from you and support you through it. Our program includes the following:

  • Develop an understanding of home buying, process/transaction
    • Agency Relationships
    • Financing
    • Escrow
    • Basics to Investing
  • Steps to becoming licensed Real Estate Agent/Professional
    • Pre-licensing courses and exam (based on State specific requirements)
    • Review Real Estate Application
    • Review Background check requirements
  • Business Plan & Goals
    • Design personal business plan
    • Create Vision Board of 1-2 year goals
    • Meet local industry leaders
  • Certificate of Completion
    • Exit and assessment review (written & oral assessments)
    • Scholarship Eligibility